Interglo Stone | Estate Cremation Sanctuary 1
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Estate Cremation Sanctuary 1



Overall Size

54" x 26" x 48" High

Niche Size

42" x 12" x 28" High

Color Shown

Interglo Gray with Black Doors


Prices shown DO NOT include (1) shipping costs from our Elberton, GA warehouse to the cemetery or other destination; (2) lettering or etching costs; (3) installation costs, if applicable; and (4) cemetery lot costs or other charges.

Estate Cremation Sanctuaries, Family Estate Cremation

This Sanctuary has a rectangular shape with a “roof top” cap for lettering of a family name, fluted columns on the front, and optional bases on both ends of the unit for flower vases.  The removable Black granite door is ideal for sandblasting, etching and porcelain portraits.  Designed to hold 6-10 cremation urns, depending on size.